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Practical information

The Eindejaarscorrida Leuven 2023 will take place on Sunday 31 December 2023. The start will be on Bondgenotenlaan and the finish on Mgr. Ladeuzeplein in the centre of Leuven. There you will also find the big tent, where you can get your bib number or register if you have not done so in advance.

There are 4 races:

  • DCLA kilometre (- 9 years) – start at 9h45
  • 4 km – start at 10h00
  • 8 km – start at 10h30
  • 12 km – start at 11h15

More info on the distances and course can be found on the ‘Distances and course‘ page.


  • Until 1 December 2023: €15
  • From 2 to 15 December 2023: €18
  • On site: €25

For practical and safety reasons, the number of runners is limited. So register in advance to ensure your place.

  • 4 km – 1500 runners
  • 8 km – 2500 runners
  • 12 km – 2500 runners
  • No registration is required for the DCLA kilometre for -9-year-olds

If the maximum number of runners has not yet been reached when pre-registration closes, you can also register on the day itself in the big tent from 8h00.

There will be no aid stations on the courses.

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to run with dogs or prams/buggies.

At 13h15, the city centre will be opened for traffic again, therefore participants of the 12 km (2nd lap) will be taken out of the race at 13h00 at the Ladeuzeplein.

Registrations until 1 December will receive their bib number at home.

Subsequent registrations can collect their bib number on the day itself at the Ladeuzeplein in the big tent from 8h00.

Didn’t receive a bib number?

If you registered on time and have not received a bib number by 15 December, you may assume it got lost by the postal services. In that case, contact us in time so that we can prepare a new bib number. If you need to request a new bib number on the day of the corrida itself, it will cost you €3.

DCLA uses Racetimer to process the results. If you notice after the race that your time is incorrect, do not hesitate to contact Racetimer. As a back-up to the time registration, the finish is also filmed with the race clock in view.

Public transport

Leuven railway station is 600 m from the start.

  • Paying: follow the Leuven city signs
  • Parking De Bond (500 m from the start)
  • Parking Ladeuze (100 m from the start)
  • Parking Station (700 m from the start)